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Star Pest Management Solutions


We undertake pest control services on annual contract basis or just one spot treatment at a very reasonable rate and the cost of our service is very negligible when compared to the Losses / Damages caused by the pests: Star Pest Management Solutions is here to help you control any Pest Insect Infestation. We not only control the existing infestation but also prevent further cross infestation by effective control methods. Call us whenever you need our services we provide you best services at all times

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This service is for the control of disease causing pests like cockroaches, Houseflies, Bedbugs. Ants and also tor Fleas, Silver-Fist. Carpet beetles. Wasps. Bees. which are most common in commercial premises and other locations where food is handled or produced. Cockroaches are potential vectors of diseases such as poliomyeiities. Typhoid, Gastroenterities. Dysentry and Salmonellae. Thus it can be easily understood why these creatures are often considered to be the most repulsive of the insect world.
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